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méchée brings relief to her hair

the former weather channel "the newspaper is to show us that she has a trick up his sleeve: a model and actress, tv host, the young woman is on all fronts.

And in terms of wigshumanhair beauty, it is not at rest. it is just through his roles in the films, the 33 year old actor with a lot of her hair platinum blonde, brown, or red hair, méchée, skin white –sec adele, the girl changed her hair at the discretion of the cravings. sometimes high sometimes it, it has still retained its length. something that seems to be just a distant memory.

it is a fashion in paris, the actress was not like many of its counterparts and has decided to move in with a cup to the cup flapper ultra trend: a very brief highlights his face with a brown color and méchée brings relief to her hair. a new modern human hair lace wigs haircut and perfectly in tune with the times through the capping and a hair short hair it is on the side of movement in her look.


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This is the hair contouring

This is the wigshumanhair.co.uk hair contouring. this staining technique directly inspired makeup and have many followers overseas, trying to carve the volumes and to create light effects in the hair to change the face and other areas.

To create the shadow and depth on the face, use of light and dark tones in the hair carefully according to the shape of the face, in order to create the illusion. to adjust the color tones to perfection, the clear and dark colors will be selected on the basis of the color of the skin, but also to the color of the eyebrows and eyes as a result of measurement, and harmonious. round, oval, square, oblong or in the shape of a heart on each face are a few simple rules of color to be fully developed.

I have a round face and laetitia casta and cameron diaz
In order to refine the faces round dark colors will work towards the interior of the head of full lace wigs
hair, that is to say, the ears, and on the lengths and clarifying the roots to make the contrast and give the impression of elongation of the face. For a smooth, even strokes of light may be made by a subtle nuances are clear on the face.

i have an oval face, like jessica alba and sienna miller.

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