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The double-faced hairstyle

Admit it, you had dreamed ... Finally a hairstyle that allows you to display all your favorite effects. On the right a bun, on the left a ponytail: the ideal! Only problem? The result is not always very aesthetic. So, the double-faced hairstyle, from the podium to the street? Decryption.
The double-faced hairstyle, seen on the catwalk www.wigshumanhair.co.uk

Haider Ackermann is known for his out-of-the-ordinary silhouettes on parades. And that also goes through the hair! From the front, the models display a hairstyle whose lengths, gathered on the top of the head, fall on their eyes. Behind, however, the hairstyle is much wiser without lacking originality. Part of the human hair wigs uk hairstyle is raised in a bun while the other is joined to form a ponytail. Result? Three hairstyles in one!

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