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The curled bangs, pin-up inspiration

Some brands of ready-to-wear, fond of retro inspirations like to put this trend forward over the seasons. This is the case of Olympia Le Tan, each of which shows pin-up silhouettes, shoes with hairstyles! www.wigshumanhair.co.uk

The flagship hairstyle of the 1940s, the curly fringe is now worn by the nostalgic of these years, who maintain a very feminine and particularly worked look, like Dita Von Teese. Glamorous, this bangs can bring volume and height to the hair. Vintage hairstyle par excellence, it is useless to cut your hair to display such a fringe. All you need is to get all the necessary paraphernalia and to be patient in learning the realization of the lace wigs uk hairstyle!

To mimic such a hairstyle, bring the top of your hair back to the front of your face. Take a long pudding, and the color of your hair, wrap the wick at the front of your face around it by squeezing it tightly. Fold the pudding to form a "horseshoe" and hold it with pins.

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