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a large diameter curling iron for large waves

She is rather low and straight. Once your ponytail knotted, the wigs human hair lengths are worked with the curling iron for a wavy effect. Use a large diameter curling iron for large waves.
The sixties ponytail

The sixties mark a smashing comeback in the small world of fashion. To be in the mood, adopt the codes of that time. And this also applies to your hair creations, especially with the sixties ponytail, that is, high and wide.

The falsely neglected hairstyle http://www.wigshumanhair.co.uk

His look ? A glam'rock look sublimated by a leather jacket, the essential piece of dressing of the chic rocker! To bring his personal and neo-punk touch, our look of the day has focused on the detail that makes all the difference at the moment: the nails.

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