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the hair loses its brilliance

the volume of the flat
this is the best way to make them more beautiful. start by creating a guardian in the roots. use a foam target area, to give the body and clothes. we have a haircut, right up to the root, and it lasts all day long.
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if you are a fan of colour, there are ways to remain vibrant. especially if you have opted for a black or a container of red. avoid washing too frequently, which tend to bleed the pigment. choose fresh approaches, sulphate shampoos or low person, to avoid staining to weaken.

the blond.
difficult to keep a blonde still perfect. he has a tendency to be held, or to turn yellow. as soon as a yellow or orange reflections appear, and with the blue pigment or violet shampoo or after a few minutes nuanceur, allowing to restore its luster, gold and its reflection.
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coloured or not, the hair may become a bit dull. not surprisingly, with styling products used in excess, the hair loses its brilliance. the solution: get the step of washing. if you live in the city, the water is very likely to file a gray limestone sailing on your laps. two options: use of clean water or mineral water in the nir. age. dissolve the limestone forms or slightly acid, such as vinegar by nir. age, to regain luster.

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