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Prepare your hair with masks

A light brown cat? Everybody's starting!
The blonde Hollywood man was nice, but he soon got tired of it. In order to speed up your dyeing and keep your screaming shine, you need a light color. Whether it's brown or golden, even stars do it. Emma Watson, Beyonce, Jordan Dunn or Taylor Swift all showed their new light without hesitation! Easy to wear, light cats light up your clothes, whether you like highcolor flash lights or more classic clothes.

Light brown: How?
If your hair is clear, you can choose to dye it semipermanently, without harming your hair and avoiding risks. For the darkest screams, we must consider discoloring in the living room or at home. Prepare your hair with masks and care to prevent the fibers from becoming more fragile Once decolored, choose a permanent https://www.lacewigsbuy.co.uk color.

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