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what to do with a hair straightener

a coating for the straightener.
take care, then to choose a quality coating, ceramic plates, distribute heat evenly, so as not to damage the fiber. ultrahigh performance, but less gentle with lengths, can rapid smoothing titanium plates. there are also grand in tourmaline, a semiprecious stone, of course, composed of ions, thereby preventing static electricity and to provide a high gloss to the hair.

what to do with a hair straightener human hair wigs uk
the curling iron may be misused, smooth. it also allows to create easily curls or waves. there is also a practice for creating sophisticated alloy thereof.
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s8590 keratin therapy straightener, remington, 36.
if it is possible to adjust the temperature of the self device (100 to 450), it ensures the grain, and through a sensor integrated in the plate, the moisture is naturally present in the real hair wigs hair to adjust temperature and take better care of the fiber his practice, it is provided with a heat resistant cover. on the other hand, it lacks the ion function, capable of limiting the effect of static electricity.

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